Homeopathy And Post-Viral Lung Fibrosis

Post viral lung fibrosis has been in existence since the beginning of time, when human’s started to decode medical literature about human body. The consistency of these lung fibrosis varies from individual to individual, one of main reason behind this being; some people are born with the condition, while some people acquires it with their lungs being exposed to too much traumatic stress. However the fall of 2020 has brought this condition into lime light with the rise of COVID, a viral infection that directly affects human lungs. It is because of this reason many people still suffer from post-viral lung fibrosis even after recovering from COVID. But the underlying cause of a post-viral lung fibrosis cannot be just based one viral infection like COVID. The bases of post-viral lung fibrosis can also come from other viral infections as well especially once the person has recovered from the original diseases. 

So it is extremely important to take thorough medication to recover from post-viral lung fibrosis to prevent larger challenges to health in the future. However most medication that is used in post-viral lung fibrosis showcases large scale side effects in the long run, it is because of this reason a persistent solution has not been possible for post-viral lung fibrosis in main line of medical treatment.

To provide patient suffering from post-viral lung fibrosis with a safer solution homeopathy brings in an approach that will not only help the patient recover, but also protect them in the long run.

Let’s take a look at what post-viral lung fibrosis is and how homeopathy can help!

What is Post Viral Lung Fibrosis?

Post viral lung fibrosis is a condition that happens to an individual who has underwent treatment for virus effecting lung disease. The post-viral lung fibrosis is often known as pulmonary fibrosis which highlights a condition where the patient’s respiratory system gets affected. The effect highlights scars and thickening of the lung tissues. This results in impacting the connecting tissue in the lung and the alveoli (air sacs inside the lungs).  Over time if post viral lung fibrosis remains untreated it can gradually worsen over a period of time, resulting in lung’s tissues not able to expand as well as they should, making it harder to breathe. Pulmonary fibrosis or post viral lung fibrosis may cause shortness of breath when you do routine tasks that never seemed tiring before. This in turn affects the daily life style of an individual overtime.

Why does Post Viral Lung Fibrosis need Treatment?

Various mechanisms of lung injury in viral infection have been described, with both viral and immune-mediated mechanisms being implicated. Pulmonary fibrosis or post-viral lung fibrosis can be either subsequent to chronic inflammation or an idiopathic, genetically influenced, and age-related fibroproliferative process. Pulmonary fibrosis or post-viral lung fibrosis is also known sequela to ARDS. However, persistent radiological abnormalities after ARDS are of little clinical significance and have dwindled with protective lung ventilation. It has been found that 40% of patients with viral infection develop ARDS, and 20% of ARDS cases are severe. Further, secondary risk factor includes increased disease severity which showcases comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease and Lab findings like lymphopenia, leukocytosis, and elevated lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). Serum LDH level has been used as a marker of disease severity following acute lung injury. It is an indicator of pulmonary tissue destruction and correlates with the risk of mortality. This clearly highlights the huge risk factor to the extent of death that Post Viral Lung Fibrosis carries, clearly indicating the much need for treatment in case of Post Viral Lung Fibrosis.

How Homeopathy Can Help

If you are one suffering from Post Viral Lung Fibrosis after recovering from your viral infection, homeopathy can help in a great manner. Homeopathy, has a healing method, that is based on the Hippocratic ΄΄Similia Similibus Curentur΄΄ and therapeutic law. In homeopathy, the physician relies on the wholeness of symptoms revealed during the entire evolution of the infection and prescribes an ultra-high diluted succussed solution product that has been proven to heal similar conditions. This is a great advantage in treating post viral lungs fibrosis disease. Homeopathy cuts down on the rapid development, because the diagnosis of the indicated ultra-high diluted succussed solution product is based on individual symptoms (if these are very characteristic) or on the totality of symptoms, and not in the pathology. It is because of this reason regular usage of homeopathy medicine over time can bring down the scaring of tissues in the lungs that are common in case of Post Viral Lung Fibrosis. Further with regular usage of homeopathy medicine overtime the tissues that have harden will start to soften up allowing individuals to intake larger volume of oxygen, which was not possible with active presence of Post Viral Lung Fibrosis. This process ensures the beginning of the recovery structure for your lungs that have suffered major damage because of the infection caused by the virus. Further with the recovery process actively aligned over time the fibrosis of the lungs will start to shed out, resulting in normalizing the functioning and structure of the lungs. This will allow your body to take in larger volume of oxygen that was previously impossible helping you to get back to your normal life.

Study and Medicinal approach to Post Viral Lung Fibrosis in Homeopathy

In the lights of COVID – 19 the discussion to Post Viral Lung Fibrosis has been more on the forefront. Keeping in mind the impact COVID – 19 have on individuals even after recovery researches were conducted throughout the globe to tackle Post Viral Lung Fibrosis. The research across homeopathy medicinal domain highlights rediscovery of a drug whose pathogenesis are particularly interesting in this period of epidemic acute viral respiratory disease. Berrylium metallicum, a little known homeopathic medicine with pulmonary tropism, deserves to be revisited in order to use its therapeutic properties in this type of pathology, by applying the principle of similitude. This clearly indicates the large scale of possibility and safe treatment approach using homeopathy in case of Post Viral Lung Fibrosis. It is because based on both acute and chronic toxicological exposure of pathogenesis showcase Beryllium metallicum homeopathic medicine showcases properties of Materia Medica rich in controlling and eliminating respiratory symptoms related to viral infection for both pre and post treatment, in cases of similitude, which is ideal for treating post viral lung fibrosis. Clearly indicating homeopathy as domain is totally committed and ready to provide you with long term solution for your post viral lung fibrosis.

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