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Holistic Healing Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre

Holistic Healing Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre

The trinity of subtle human existence is mind, body and soul. The immense possibility of health, harmony, vitality and personal growth lies in the cosmos within and around this trinity.

Holistic healing is a science that deals with cosmic energies. It changes one’s attitude, interaction and approach in a way that brings a balance within and around one’s being. The benefits are documented at micro and macro cellular levels of living organisms. It involves seeking the tools that help us attract our aspirations, desires, individual power and growth in the correct direction.

In a holistic approach, though the physical health is an important aspect, it is not necessarily the main focus as optimum physical health is the result of healthy well composed mind, body and soul as a unit together.

Holistic healing considers the origin, built, constitution, hereditary dispositions, acute and chronic tendencies, culture, life and living of the person (patient).


Objectively, CHHC gives scientific justice to various time proven alternative therapies and disciplines which are integrated and available at the centre as mentioned in the booklet under various headings i.e. Homeopathy, Ayurveda ,Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, Panic healing, Reiki, Tantra, Mantra for energy invocation, Vastu, Music therapy, Aura imaging and so on…..

One might think that the conventional allopathic medicines, medical science, diagnosis and supportive investigations are ignored in holistic healing but it is not so .It is a science of objective, impartial awareness and in the very interest of the patient’s health it gives proper place to conventional medicines and incorporates necessary guidance and supervision of the concerned medical specialist. It is accepted world over and has become part of many well-known private and general hospitals, national health and education programs of developing countries as well.

Thus, the very purpose of cosmic homeo healing centre is to heal your physical, mental and spiritual being and to make you understand the holistic way of life and living to give you the road map by which you can resonate well within and with cosmos around you in a creative way by enjoying optimum health.

This unique, mystic, fascinating and intriguing task is made possible by incorporating and coordinating relevant healing, rejuvenating, purifying, detoxing, psychodynamic analyzing and bio-spiritual energy scanning modalities in an appropriate, customized schedule, as indicated in an individual case.

The individualization of each case is done by the art of comprehensive holistic homeopathic case taking, where patient has an opportunity to confide, unload, relax and talk about his/her inner feelings and ailments. The process includes thorough clinical examination and investigations and takes a complete account of one’s family history, past history, constitutional built up and tendencies. It thus creates an insight into the cause and maintaining factors of one’s diseases and ailments.


Health is not mere absence of diseases. It is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The concept of treating the body as an indivisible whole is growing and gaining popularity the world over.

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