Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis

Our back is the most important yet highly abused part of our body. It bears the load of our body throughout our time. Any kind of strain, whether physical or psychological, on the spine should not be overlooked. Hence, it is rightly mentioned that when any unpleasant situation arises during the life cycle of a… Continue reading Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis

Uterine Fibroids

Any growth in the body is the matter of immediate concern to the individual and is often associated with the deadliest of all conditions-cancer!! Well that may not always be the case every time. An extra growth is the indication that somewhere some cells are behaving abnormally and they need to be corrected immediately. Women… Continue reading Uterine Fibroids

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Every young girl dreams of a beautiful time during her prime adolescent years when she is growing from a child into a young woman. She welcomes the changes in her body with an open mind and heart, knowing very well that this journey will take her to a different level in the future where she… Continue reading Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation) Homeopathy

The age of adolescence is a very delicate time in a girl’s life. The body has to get used to lots of physical & mental changes; it is the transition of a young girl into a woman of the future. A smooth sailing through these years ensures that the woman emerges into a confident future… Continue reading Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation) Homeopathy

Skin Pigmentation

A flawless complexion is every woman’s dream & desire irrespective of their age. Any change in appearance of her skin during any period of life becomes a major cause of anxiety to her. Skin pigmentation conditions can be a problem for all women with brown skin – especially people of Asian, African, Latin or Native… Continue reading Skin Pigmentation

Hair Fall

The day a child is born his or her hair is referred to as their Crowning Glory, hence, we grow up with the notion that our hair is the most prized possession, and we make sure that we do our extra bit so that our perfect head is covered with the most fascinating, healthy, lustrous… Continue reading Hair Fall


At the prime age of adolescence when young boys and girls become aware of their looks, beauty and complexion, it is at this time that the perils of acne start. This is the time when a personality makeover starts and the children develop self confidence, self identification and evaluate themselves in context to the community,… Continue reading Acne

Tonsillitis and Adenoiditis

In today’s environment of stress and pollution every individual’s life is affected by these hazardous factors and the most gullible ones are the little children. Imagine the stress on the parents from the day their child is born wherein their already busy schedules they are juggling with frequent visits to the hospitals and clinics for… Continue reading Tonsillitis and Adenoiditis

Skin Allergies and Rashes in Children

In pediatrics in particular it is important to identify skin lesions; as such knowledge will enable us to recognize potentially significant systemic diseases, such as chicken pox, measles, lupus etc and reassure concerned parents. The skin serves as a critical barrier to infection and dehydration and as such it is important to keep in mind… Continue reading Skin Allergies and Rashes in Children


In times when external appearance is as important as internal health of an individual, any growth or eruption seen on a person’s external body causes a lot of speculation as to what it Is, how it has come up and most importantly how to get rid of it. If such a thing appears especially in… Continue reading Molluscum