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Homoeopathic Treatment of Patients With Chronic Sinusitis

Homoeopathic Treatment of Patients With Chronic Sinusitis

Sinusitis is actually a swelling or inflammation of the tissue that lines the sinuses. At the time when the sinuses are healthy, they are filled with air. But when they are filled or blocked with fluid and germs infection can be caused. This is exactly when the sinus gets inflamed and is referred to as sinusitis.

Types of Sinusitis

Sinusitis has been classified into the following.

  • Acute Sinusitis – It starts with very similar symptoms of normal cold like stuffy and runny nose along with facial pain. This might start all of a sudden and last for about 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Subacute Sinusitis – This sinusitis is associated with inflammation of the of the sinus along with pain which usually lasts for about 4 to 12 weeks.
  • Chronic Sinusitis – This is a more severe form of sinusitis with severe pain and inflammation lasting for more than 12 weeks.
  • Recurrent Sinusitis – As can be understood from the name, this form of sinusitis is not so severe but occurs many times in a year.


Common Causes of Chronic Sinusitis

A few of the most common causes of sinusitis are as listed below.

  • Common cold
  • Nasal polyps that are actually very small growths occurring at the lining of the nose
  • Allergic rhinitis where the lining of the nose swells
  • Shift of the nasal cavity or deviated septum

Sinusitis Treatment at Dr. Mahavrat Patel's Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre

Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis

The common signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis which might last longer than 12 weeks are as follows.

  • A feeling of fullness and congestion in the face
  • Nasal blockage or obstruction making it difficult to breathe freely
  • Presence of pus in the nasal cavity
  • Moderate to high fever
  • Runny nose or a discoloured postnasal discharge

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How CHHC Helps in Homeopathic Treatment?

Cosmic Homeo Healing Centre provides top quality homeopathic treatment for sinusitis for an effective cure of the same. Sinusitis homeopathic treatment works very well and is extremely effective in nature. Most importantly, there are no side effects of the homeopathic medicines which is the ultimate reason of preference of the homeopathic treatment. The homeopathic medicines are a much safer option and enhances the defence system of the body so that it is able to fight with infection. The experienced doctors at CHHC uses a few of the most common homeopathic medicines used for the treatment of sinusitis are as listed below.

  • Arsenicum – Used when there is a feel of throbbing and burning pains in the sinuses
  • Belladona – This medicine is perfect when there is a feeling of fullness in the head as if it can just burst.
  • Hepar Sulphur – It is an appropriate remedy when the affected individual sneezes and the nostrils become sore along with bursting pain.
  • Kali Bichromicum – This is the most appropriate medicine when there is a thick stringy discharge from the nose.
  • Mercurius – It helps to provide relief when the head feels heavy associated with an irresistible pain.
  • Pulsatilla – Another of the common medicine used when there is a lot of head pain because of chronic sinusitis.
  • Spigella – Perfect homeopathic medicine at the time when there is a sharp shooting pain in the head and around the eyes.

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Homoeopathic Treatment for Chronic Sinusitis


Homeopathic Remedies For Sinusitis In Vadodara

Homeopathic Remedies For Sinusitis In Vadodara

It is to a certain extent astonishing and also to some extent upsetting to see many people suffer from repetitive cold and flu-like symptoms and the word Sinusitis is usually used for such cases. Humans have Sphenoid sinus, Frontal sinus, Ethmoid sinus and Maxillary sinus.

Sinusitis is swelling of any of these sinuses. A sinus infection occurs when a pathogenic microorganism grows within a sinus and causes irregular blockage of the sinus ostium. Drainage of mucus and pus frequently occur when the blockage is alleviated. The drainage typically goes from the nasal passages to the throat or out the nostrils. Swelling of the air cavities in the passages of the nose is referred to as sinusitis which is usually caused by infection but can also be caused by allergy and irritation of the sinuses.

chronic sinusitis


It may be caused by anything that interferes with airflow into the sinuses and the drainage of mucus out of the sinuses like by some infections from a pathogenic microorganism. It commonly occurs when environmental pollens irritate the nasal passages, such as hay fever.

Symptoms and Signs of Sinusitis

Some of the common signs and symptoms include:

  • Facial tenderness with pressure and pain.
  • A headache.
  • Cloudy or a discolored nasal discharge.
  • Fever mostly associated with acute infection.
  • A feeling of nasal stuffiness.
  • Reduced sense of smell and taste.
  • In noninfectious sinusitis or allergy related infections itching of eyes and sneezing may also be experienced by the patients.
  • A sore throat and cough.
  • In certain fungal infections, people may also experience foul smelling breath and ear pain.
  • Occasionally toothache and jaw pain, fatigue and neck stiffness because of infection.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Sinusitis

Homeopathic treatment helps in enhancing the immunity and vivacity of the sinusitis patients preventing them from succumbing to recurring infections. Over the period of time, with the usages of effective homeopathic medicines, the attacks of sinusitis lessen down and a patient is much relieved of the condition. Dr Mahavrat Patel’s Cosmic Homeo Healing center is one of the leading providers of homeopathic treatment for sinusitis in Vadodara. The affected individuals get the best treatment for sinusitis here in Vadodara. The homeopaths here treat sinusitis by eliminating the allergic tendency or recurring tendency in the patient by treating them with a constitutional medicine thereby making the treatment extremely effective in nature. Dr Mahavrat Patel’s Cosmic Homeo Healing center is the top preference of the individuals affected by sinusitis in Vadodara.


Homeopathy Treatment for Sinusitis

Homeopathy Treatment for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is the commonly used term for people who suffer from constant cold and flu like symptoms and the numbers are pretty staggering.

Sinuses are hollow, air-filled cavities that are found in skull and have connection with the nasal airway through small hole in the bone known as Ostium.

Their main function is to humidify and warm the inspired air, increase resonance of voice, insulate surroundings and act as buffer for facial trauma. The inflammation of these Sinuses is Sinusitis.


Ostea (sinus openings) may be blocked because of tissue lining swelling and also swelling of side tissue of nasal passage which are due to allergies, tissue irritants (nasal sprays, cigarette smoke and cocaine) and common colds. Blockage may also be due to growth or tumors in proximity of the openings.


  • Tenderness in face accompanied with pain and pressure.
  • Fevers (due to infection)
  • Stiff feeling nasally
  • Discoloured or cloudy nose discharge
  • Cough and soreness in throat
  • Reduction in sense of taste and smell
  • Periodical jaw pain, stiff neck, tiredness from infection and toothache

Homeopathic Treatment of Sinusitis

Sinusitis pain can be torturous due to its nature of generating pain in entire skull with patient most likely feeling like their eyes may pop out any second. Other traditional treatments may give temporary relief to the patient but in the long run carry more liabilities with eventual calls for surgery.

Homeopathic treatments in turn are targeted to curing at the root level and can be preventive with more long lasting cures. The treatment is aimed to eradicate tendency or recurrence of Sinusitis and enhance immunity of patient. With use of medicine like Hydrastis and Kali Bich immediate relief for heavy head and stuffed nose can be provided.

Homeopathic solutions ease mucus discharge thus relieving congestion, reduce swelling and overall provide pain and pressure relief. It can also avert permanent scar formation and damage to the nasal and sinus tissues.

Homeopathy stresses on immunity and vitality to prevent future infection from occurring.

With religious follow up and treatment Homeopathy can cure the patients of all complaints and also save them from long term effect of antibiotics and surgery trauma.

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